Working with me is nothing like working with an agency. I am here to help you engage your customers to interact with your website. My success lies in your success, therefore my interest is to satisfy the needs of your clients.

As a self-taught web designer, I am proud of the work I’ve accomplished so far. Each project gave me an intense satisfaction and an incredible boost in my knowledge. The more I create websites, the more I am passionate about it. I am always looking for new challenges! Contact me, I’ll be happy to help!

Royal Fantasia is a Dutch foundation with the mission to promote North African cultures. In Maghreb, Fantasia is a very popular equestrian entertainment. In August 2020 will be held in Rotterdam Ahoy the first Fantasia in Europe.

The project:

Tahar Tlili, owner of the Royal Fantasia project, came to me with the need to have a trilingual website as soon as possible. Of course, the budget is very limited. As I find his project quite challenging, I didn’t hesitate to jump in. At the moment, the website is only 1 landing page per language. This is only the beginning, there is still a lot of work to do!

Gabriela Constantine is a fashion consultant and a blogger. Next to working full time, she regularly update her blog.

The project:

Gabriela was managing her website on She quickly found herself limited and wanted a CMS that better fits her needs. WordPress is ideal for a blogger. In addition to the design of the whole website, DelphineWeb.Design created the logo and the favicon that are simple, sober and feminine. We established a proper social media campaign and put in place the tools needed to follow up on visitors behaviours. With time, we developed an affiliation program that gives Gabriela a growing passive income.

Baby Greens is a great project that may never see the light. For what I am concern, this project is a failure.

The Project:

The owner wanted a refurbished website with very specific WooCommerce customisations. He needed different bundle product subscription plans with many parameters to consider concerning the products and deliveries. Of course, the budget was limited… A great challenge for me!

Unfortunately, one very important ingredient was missing: Communication. The more I was asking questions regarding the production and deliveries, the more I was told that it is not my business. Communication is the key to success. Without knowing how my clients are working, how can I help them efficiently?

It turns out that the factory has closed. The website is still online but I don’t know for how long.

Eco & Co is a cooperative that I founded in 2018. Already 1 year of business and we can start thinking of growing. During the summer, the website will be translated in Dutch, we will put a subscription plan in place and we will propose other activities and provide with interesting and positive content. I’m very excited about this project!

Delphine Petit-Postma has just started her company based in Amsterdam: Aide Maman Amsterdam. She is dedicated to the wellbeing of new mothers that are isolated or in need of advices and support.

The project:

Delphine needed a website to represent her company. She is very feminine and she loves roses and the colour pink. After a few trials I made a design that she liked. She wanted to feature specific pictures and have bright colours on the website. Most of her clients are expats speaking French or English, therefore the website must be in French and English languages.

Gisele Bidenbach is a translator based in Leiden. She had a website but she couldn’t access it anymore because her previous hosting company took it offline without warning. Her webmaster was not available, she found herself abandoned. She contacted me with the hope to recover her website  The website was 9 years old. Time for a change.

The project:

She decided not to wait and cancelled her subscription with her previous hosting company. She also wanting to change CMS, we built her website on WordPress.A translator doesn’t really generate picture in her work. All together, the subject is pretty boring for a designer. Gisele wanted to keep the compass as mentioned in her slogan and the logo that was made by her previous webmaster. I came up with a design she liked. I taught her how to maintain and update her website. She is now totally independent!